At Eternity's Gate

"It is a film that strives to capture the ecstatic presentness, the immersion in the moment and the blazing, almost athletic certainty with which Van Gogh painted." Guardian

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Following last year's animated Loving Vincent, this equally ambitious drama is also inspired by the final, tumultuous Provence period of Vincent Van Gogh's life. Some scenes may feel familiar, either from Vincent or from the iconic paintings themselves, but the mission is to present the ecstasy that Van Gogh found in light and colour without dwelling overly on the tragedy.  Who better than painter-turned-film director Julian Schnabel to do this?  Extensive hand-held camera work, a subliminally powerful sound track and - of course - a screen frequently saturated in vivid hues all make for a mesmerising film.  Willem Dafoe's award winning performance as the painter is breath-taking.  (It comes as no surprise to find the he learned to paint in Van Gogh's style in order to daub convincingly on screen.)  Rupert Friend is devoted brother Theo and Oliver Isaacs an equally passionate Gauguin, while Mads Mikkelsen guests as the sceptical priest tasked with assessing Van Gogh's sanity. 

The release is timed to coincide with the opening of the Tate's exhibition; all London will be shades of cobalt and vermillion, ochre, cadmium and chrome. It can't come too soon for us!



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111 mins

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