"Watching "Elle" feels like climbing Everest without an oxygen tank. The air is dizzyingly clear up there. And dangerous, too." rogerebert.com

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Paul Verhoeven. Think Basic Instinct, Starship Trooper and Show Girls, and you'll know that you will be provoked, challenged, and ultimately exhilarated by this already notorious movie.  

The film opens mid violent rape, from the point of view of an inscrutable cat.  Afterwards Michelle (Isabelle Huppert) appears to expunge the experience from her life as if she's never heard the word 'victim'.  She's already a piece of work:  she designs exploitative video games; screws her partner's foursquare husband on the sly; and disdains her milksop son who lets his girlfriend bully him; all this while being on the run from her own damaged childhood.  When her assailant follows the rape with creepy texts, she purchases pepper spray and an axe, saying:  "Nut jobs, I can handle.  A speciality!"  From there...well, things take a pretty unexpected turn!

This is Isabelle Huppert's film from the first to the last scene (and she is in practically every scene).  A fearless actor, she has excelled in unsympathetc roles:  The Piano Player, Amour, Things to Come, for example.  In league with agent provocateur Verhoeven, this study of power - sexual, personal and economic - is a rare rollercoaster ride which will have you on the edge of your seat right from the start.

Our 5:30 screening on Sun 19 Mar is our March Greene Sunday screening.  That's great film for the great price of on £2.50, courtesy of local estate agents Greene & Co.  Some tickets are available through usual Lexi channels; more are available direct from local Greene & Co offices in Kensal Rise and Willesden Green


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