Eighth Grade

"It's just sweet, sad and beautifully observed." ★★★★ Times "It isn’t easy, both on screen and in life, but it’s a film that should be a rite of passage for all, no matter the age." ★★★★ Guardian

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Fri 24 May 20:45
Sat 25 May 17:45
Mon 27 May 20:15
Wed 29 May 20:45

Kayla is 13 years old, in her final week of middle school (eighth grade), with high school looming large in the autumn. Are you feeling the vulnerability, desires and faltering steps forward of this young girl yet? If not, you soon will be in this striking directorial debut from 27 year old comdedian Bo Burham. It's counter-intuitive that a young male should bring out so much of truth and value about this stage of life, but Burnham does.

Kayla - startlingly well played by Elsie Fisher - is a person of several parts.  Online she's a successful vlogger, full of confidence and good advice; at school she's awkward and watchful, craving acceptance but not knowing how to gain it; and at home with her single parent dad she's volatile and rude in the face of his earnest efforts to support.  There are no easy solutions offered here.  Kayla's victories are small (although they sometimes feel large, so invested in her are we), changes are slow, and Burnham's decision to not look for pat plot developments - aligned with Fisher's remarkable performance - results in a momentously small and truthful-feeling gem.  It's a wonderful film for all ages.


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94 mins

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