The Disaster Artist

"James Franco scores on both sides of the camera in this wildly funny Ed Wood-esque ode to great, bad moviemaking." Hollywood Reporter

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Fri 08 Dec 18:30
Fri 08 Dec 20:50
Sat 09 Dec 15:15
Sat 09 Dec 18:00
Sat 09 Dec 20:20

Known as 'The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies', The Room (2003) is a cherished cult classic. This tells the story of the misbegotten film, mirroring closely scenes from the original while fleshing out the unbelievable backstory. 

The Room grew out of the unlikely friendship between young Greg (Dave Franco) and bizarre man of mystery, Tommy Wiseau (James Franco, never better as both director and star). They meet in acting class, where Tommy's Gothic declamatory style - all shaggy hair, shades and multiple belts - inspires Greg.  Tommy is an enigma; heavily accented, he claims to be a native of New Orleans, and he appears to have a bottomless bank account and no job.  When their acting careers fail to take off, Tommy declares himself writer/director/producer and star of his own opus, The Room, which has a big part for his friend, Greg.  The rest is film history...

This is a delight, even if you haven't seen the original film.  We can't put it better than Rotten Tomatoes:  "The Disaster Artist is a surprisingly poignant and charming movie-about-a-movie that explores the creative process with unexpected delicacy."  And there are a whole lot of laughs along the way!

Sunday the 10th at 17:00 is our December Greene Sunday screening.  That's great film, made available for the great price of only £2.50 through the sponsorship of local estate agents Greene & Co.  Some tickets are available through the usual Lexi channels but if we are sold out, more will be on sale direct from Greene & Co branches in Kensal Rise and Willesden Green.  


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