The Death of Stalin

"Armando Iannucci's brilliant horror a sulphurous black comedy." ★★★★★ Guardian

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Sat 25 Nov 18:00
Mon 27 Nov 20:45
Tue 28 Nov 20:45
Wed 29 Nov 13:30
Wed 29 Nov 18:30

Russia, 1953. When Joseph Stalin (Adrian McLoughlin) has a fatal heart attack, his court of venal subordinates scramble for control.  Among them are Jeffrey Tambor’s Malenkov; Steve Buscemi’s Khrushchev; and Simon Russell Beale’s Beria, the worst of the lot.  Michael Palin (Molotov) brings a dash of Python-esque silliness, while Jason Isaacs’ booming Yorkshire brogue as war hero Zhukov is particularly, gloriously incongruous. 

It's not always clear these days what is political satire, and what is top of the hour news.  Iannucci (creator of The Thick of It, of course) tackles a particularly dark period of Russian history here - replete with famine, tyranny and mass executions - and the result is hilarious.  You might say it's a bit 'Springtime for Hitler' filtered through graphic novel format and penned by our reigning master satirist.  Add to that the fact that, ultimately, there is a mood shift in which all the absurdity is stripped away and the film is revealed as the deeply moral work that it is, and you know this is something special.

The screening on Wed 29 Nov at 13:30 is our £5 Screen Gems screening, including Hard of Hearing subtitles.  This means everything is audio-described, like *she laughs* or *plane flies overhead*.  Some will appreciate this level of description; others may find it a distraction.


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