The Day Shall Come

"Searing, sharp and hilarious" ★★★★ Empire

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Fri 25 Oct 20:40
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Urban-farmer-turned-radical-preacher Moses (Marchant Davis) attracts the attention of ambitious FBI agent Kendra (Anna Kendrick).  She's got targets to meet, and Moses has been overheard  espousing race and class war.  The fact that Moses is a man off his meds, a fantasist who sees dinosaurs and thinks that Satan is talking to him through a duck, doesn't get in the way of her plot to fit him up as the next Bin Laden.  When a mysterious Middle Eastern 'patron' approaches Moses offering money and munitions, Moses believes it is Divine intervention.  And besides, he's desperate to find the money to pay the rent.

Chris Morris (Four Lions) turns his 'Brass Eye' on the US here, but the fire in his belly remains the same.  In a time when satire is daily eclipsed by reality, Morris brings a unique viewpoint and a distinctive voice, which is to be valued.  From absurdity he forges savage social commentary such that you may find that you laugh until you cry. This story is, alarmingly, "based on a hundred true stories" which Morris researched.  Of the 10 year gap since Four Lions, Morris says, “I basically just wait until I’ve got something that catches fire. I tend to sort of feel like most things I see don’t need to be made. If it doesn’t need to made, don’t make it.”  We agree, this one needed to be made.


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88 mins

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