Darkest Hour

"An Oscar-buzzed performance acts as the stoic centre of Joe Wright’s retelling of the events of 1940, played as a House of Cards style thriller." ★★★★ Guardian

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Fri 26 Jan 18:20
Sat 27 Jan 20:20
Sun 28 Jan 17:45
Mon 29 Jan 11:00
Mon 29 Jan 18:20

Within days of becoming Prime Minister, Churchill is faced with choosing between pursuing a negotiated peace with Nazi Germany or going to war.  The unstoppable Nazi forces are rolling across Western Europe and the threat of invasion is imminent. with an unprepared public, a sceptical King, and his own party plotting against him, Churchill faces his darkest hour in which he needs rally a nation and attempt to change the course of world history. 

Gary Oldman evokes a witty, irascible, conflicted Churchill - after 4 hours preparation in Make Up each day - and the feeling is that his towering achievement will dominate the major Best Actor gongs this year.  Kristin Scott-Thomas is Churchill's beloved wife, Clemmie, his bedrock, and director Joe Wright (Atonement) skillfully maintains the suspense, in spite of us all being familiar with the outcomes.  This is a richly fruity and satisfying experience.  The timing is right, too, to succumb to such a stylish, intelligent invitation to feel good about Britain during these divisive days.  Deuced fine show, my good man!

Our Screen Gems screening on Wed 31 Jan at 1:30 offers a chance to enjoy some of our best film at a bargain price of £5, and with the option to participate in some guided discussion afterward.  We will be showing the Hard of Hearing version, with full audio description, like *she laughs* and *plane passes overhead*.  This is a great boon for some viewers, but may be a distraction to others.


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