Cold War

Mark Kermode's ★★★★★ Film of the Week: "Appropriately, it left me speechless."

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Wed 26 Sep 13:30

Ida director Pavel Pavlikowski has made this love story as a tribute to his parents, whom he has described as “the most interesting dramatic characters I’ve ever come across… both strong, wonderful people, but as a couple a never-ending disaster”.  Their stories are fictionalised here, as we start in post-War Polish countryside with a search for peasant artists to preserve the national folk music. Zula – neither peasant nor authentic – ensnares impresario Wiktor with her singing, and we then follow their turbulent 15 year affair, crossing musical, geographical, political and ultimately existential boundaries.

This won Best Director at Cannes this year, and has had rapturous reviews everywhere.  Joanna Kulig (Zula) convinces you that she could indeed inspire such obsessive love. It is luscious to look at, and is ”a swooning, searing Polish-British-French co-production that unexpectedly put me in mind of ‘Casablanca’ or ‘La La Land’… – a reminder of the fundamental things that apply, as time goes by.”  (Mark Kermode)

Wed 26 Sep at 13:30 is our Screen Gems screening - that's good film in good company, mid-day and for only £5.  This will be a hard of hearing show, meaning that the film is fully audio-described, including notations like *plane passes overhead* in addition to sub-titles.  This is a boon for some but can be distracting for others. 


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88 mins

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