The Children Act

"The Children Act is concerned with love, intimacy and moral responsibility and it is refreshing to see a movie which sets itself standards of this sort. Emma Thompson's performance, so elegant and vulnerable, carries the picture." Guardian

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Fri 24 Aug 18:30
Fri 24 Aug 20:50
Sat 25 Aug 17:30
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Sun 26 Aug 17:30

Emminent High Court Judge Fiona Maye (Emma Thompson) specialises in interpreting the laws that protect vulnerable children.  It is particularly poignant in light of the fact that her marriage to Jack (Stanley Tucci) is childless.  This carefully constructed personal and professional equilibrium wobbles, though, when Fiona must decide whether 17 year old Adam may be given a life-saving blood transfusion in spite of his family's Jehovah's Witness beliefs.  When she takes the unusual step of meeting Adam the abstractions of The Children Act become intensely personal, and overnight she can no longer shelter behind her role, either in the courtroom or at home.

This is pukkah stuff, from start to finish!  Ian McKewan adapted his own book, Richard Eyre (Notes on a Scandal, Iris) directs with economy and elegance, and Emma Thompson gives her best performance in a long while in this gift of a role.  And it is very topical, following the world's recent vigil for young Charlie Gard, as McKewan delights in posing vexing Moral Maze connundrums. Says Variety:  "Told with a depth of empathy so profound... “The Children Act” is that rarest of things: an adult drama, written and interpreted with a sensitivity to mature human concerns."


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105 mins

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