On Chesil Beach

"Billy Howle and Saoirse Ronan are on song as the young couple in Britain’s duffel-coated early 1960s, in a restrained adaptation of McEwan’s novella." Guardian

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Tue 19 Jun 18:30
Fri 22 Jun 18:30
Sat 23 Jun 20:30
Sun 24 Jun 17:30
Mon 25 Jun 11:00

There is much to value in this faithful adaptation of Ian McKewan's novella about a young relationship which falters fatally on the wedding night. Two bright, ambitious, naive young people - played by Howle and Ronan - tentatively fall in love. Flashbacks reveal their very different backgrounds and hint at some of the challenges ahead.  Their wedding night, which should be the fulfilment of all their constrained passion, is navigated with painful and disastrous innocence.  It is all handled with great delicacy and care, transferring successfully the eloquent restraint of the book.

Theatre director Dominic Cooke, assisted by Steve McQueen's regular cinematographer Sean Bobbit, sensitively interpret McKewan's own script.  The central performances are perfect - Howle is rough/tender, Ronan tremulous - and the period is lovingly detailed.  As Peter Bradshaw said in The Guardian:  "The movie is a muted elegy to emotional waste."  Ah. We couldn't have put it better ourselves!


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107 mins

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