"We are encouraged to both construct our own conclusions and to dismantle them at the same time. It’s chilling and brilliant." ★★★★★ Observer "Daring study of class conflict and sexual longing that blazes with mystery" ★★★★★ Telegraph

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Sun 03 Mar 19:00
Mon 04 Mar 15:00

Jong-su, a farmer's son, visits Soeul where he is taken up by mercurial performance artist Hae-mi.  Hae-mi remembers encountering Jong-su as a child, when he rescued her from a well, which Jong-su can't remember.  A sweet sexual encounter leaves Jong-su with hopes of more from the confusing relationship until Hae-mi returns from holiday with a new boyfriend in tow - the inscrutable playboy, Ben, whose most mundane comments are laced with derision and menace.  

A trio of young people, indistinctly drawn, whose relationships to each other are constantly changing.  Issues of class, rage, sexual frustration and alienation.  Questions, more questions, and few answers until the final climactic scene spotlights what has been there all along...  Burning is a story of extraordinary tension and power from cult South Korean director Lee Chang-dong (Poetry, Secret Oasis), and is loosely based on a short story by Haruki Murakami, with a few nods to Patricia Highsmith's Ripley books along the way.  It enflamed the passions of the Jury at Cannes last year - topping their ratings table with an unprecedented score of 3.8 out of 4 - and it's all but guaranteed to smoulder in your mind long after lights up in the auditorium!


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148 mins

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