The Breadwinner

"A courageous girl seeks to save her father from the Taliban in Nora Twomey’s magical adaptation of Deborah Ellis’s novel" ★★★★★ Mark Kermode

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Tue 26 Jun 18:30
Wed 27 Jun 13:30
Wed 27 Jun 18:30

Eleven year old Parvana has been encouraged by her school teacher father to be independent, and to celebrate the stories of their beautiful homeland even though present-day Kabul is full of shadows.  When her father is arrested on trumped-up charges, the family can not buy food since women aren't allowed to go out on the streets unchaperoned.  Parvana's desparate act - cutting her hair and donning her dead brother's clothes - opens a door to a world she's never experienced before.  It's a world of vibrant colour and rich human bustle and interaction.  Even as Parvana is spreading her wings, though, she realises it is down to her to save her father before it is too late.

The best book-to-film adaptations are more than just respectful; they bring something additional to the story through the dimensions of film.  This Oscar-nominated story is such an effort.  The stylised animation from the same studio who did Song of the Sea and The Book of Kells is elegant and expressive; the intelligent script (by director Nora Twomey) expands on the novel in exciting ways; and the film manages to be uplifting in spite of - because of? - its grim subject matter.  We're counting on you to recognise that some of the most interesting content, full of ideas, challenge and uplift, is being saved for the YA market these days; we think this beats most adult content hands down!  Enjoy.


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93 mins

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