"Writer-director Ali Abbasi has crafted something eerie and rather wonderful with this pungent allegory of outsiderdom." ★★★★★ Time Out

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Mon 25 Mar 18:20
Tue 26 Mar 18:20
Thu 28 Mar 18:20

Customs officer Tina is a legend at her job.  She's marked out both by her strange looks and an almost superhuman sense of smell, the kind which can detect the odour of guilt when someone has contraband in their luggage.  When a similarly strange looking man triggers all Tina's alarm bells she is confounded to find he's carrying nothing more sinistre than a bag full of maggots and insects.  His cocky confidence and seeming innocence intrigues and, against her judgement, and she invites him to stay in her cottage. It's the beginning of a fantastical voyage of discovery about herself that will both liberate her and challenge her to the core.

From the author of Let the Right One In, this shares the same intense, skewed empathy for marginalised people. And, like Let the Right One (a Lexi favourite), this is a very adult fairy tale!  Director Ali Abbasi - an Iranian educated and now living in Sweden - chooses to explore some heavy duty themes of fear of the Other, body dysmorphia, societal taboos and more with a witty lightness of touch which, nonetheless, get under the skin.  It's been 'getting under the skin' of many; first winning the Un Certain Regard award at Cannes last year, then gaining cult status at festivals. Now it's your turn to fall in love with the most unlikely of romantic heroines!


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110 mins

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