Blinded By The Light

"This giddy steamroller of a movie is going to flatten you whether you like it or not." Indiewire "The feel good hit of the year." NY Post

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Thu 22 Aug 18:20
Thu 22 Aug 20:50

Take one true if unlikely story about an Asian lad from the Midlands whose life is transformed when he discovered the music of The Boss.  Add in Gurinder Chadha, director of irresistible coming-of-age story Bend it Like Beckham.  How could Bruce Springsteen resist their entreaties to tell the story, with his songs as the soundtrack?  The result is something short of a musical, but so much more!

It's 1987, Thatcher's Britain.  Teen Javed (Viveik Kalra) feels out of place at home, a bastion of conservative, patriarchal values.  School is not much better; he's singled out as a 'Paki' and looks destined to be an outsider.  All this changes when another lad at school passes Javed 2 cassettes of Springsteen's music, promising it will change his life.  Javed, already given to writing poetry in secret, feels that the Boss knows exactly what he's thinking, feeling, so when Springsteen sings 'Born to Run', it feels like he's speaking straight to Javed...

"Corny, silly, as overblown as one of Springsteen's grandest anthems and damn near irresistible," says The Wrap, and that's probably about right.  It proved the big hit at Sundance this year, with standing ovations and big money distribution deals all round.  Go on, give in to the unabashedly innocent pleasures of this summer fun!


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117 mins

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