The Big Sick

"Hilarious and heartbreaking with no clear trajectory, frequently catching viewers off guard, it's a rom-com of both heart and brain about a couple tested by illness and clashing cultures." Toronto Star

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Who'd have thought the true story of stand-up-comic-turned-Silicon-Valley-star Kumail Nanjiani's romance would be such a treat?  His now-wife, Emily V Gordon, because she's on board as co-scriptwriter.  Judd Apatow (Bridesmaids, Trainwreck), obviously, since he's its Producer. Beyond that this is a tribute to someone's commercial nouse for recognising its depth, wit and intelligence.  The appealing leads, scene stealing performances from the older gen, and nuanced cross-cultural portrayals go a long way towards making this the sweetest, funniest, most gratifying film this summer.

The story starts with would-be comedian Nanjiani moonlighting as an Uber driver when he meets Gordon (played by Zoe Kazan).  As the two strike sparks Nanjiani somehow neglects to tell her that his Pakistani parents are actively trying to find him an Asian bride.  Although these expectations cause the two to part, when Gordon falls deeply ill Nanjiani partners her parents (Ray Romano and Holly Hunter) at her hospital bedside, and the three falteringly build a friendship.  


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120 mins

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