Being Blacker + Q&A

"You only become a man when you learn how to cry." Wisdom from Brixton legend, Blacker Dread.

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Blacker Dread is a record producer, music shop owner, businessman, convict and Brixton legend.  He and award-winning documentarist Molly Dineen (Home From the Hill) first met 40 years ago, when she filmed him for her first film, and they met again in 2014 when Dread got in touch to ask if she would film the funeral of his beloved mother.  From that contact springs this 90 minute doc feature, a portrait – in equal measures uplifting, funny, exasperating and tragic – of the challenges, conflicts and quirks of being black in Britain today.  

Over three years, the film follows Blacker and his family and friends through his jailing for money laundering, his daughter’s wedding, his youngest son’s education in Jamaica, and the spectre of violence and criminality cast over his life by another son’s murder a decade earlier.  Blacker’s extraordinary life has seen him experience three generations of educational inequality, racism, cultural isolation, lack of employment opportunities, crime and violence – but also an extraordinary sense of togetherness and community spirit, and a musical culture that has done so much to shape today’s UK music scene.  Over it all is the incredible, resilient, street-sharp Dread himself, a fitting subject for one of our finest documentary film makers!

The clip below is a 'teaser trailer' and gives a taste of both the insight and fun to be had from 90 minutes in Dread's company!  We will have Molly Dineen and Blacker Dread with us for a live Q&A after the film.


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