Beauty and the Beast (2017)

"This tale may be as old as time, but it’s retold with freshness, brio and flair." Empire

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Sun 28 May 14:30
Mon 29 May 14:00
Tue 30 May 13:00
Wed 31 May 10:30
Thu 01 Jun 11:15

New look Disney:  a live-action remake of one of their classic animations, re-drafted and refreshed around a sparky heroine.  The original - 26 years ago - was the first animation to be nominated for the 'Best Picture' Oscar, pus it had a cracking score (just try getting "Tale as Old as Time" out of your head, now that we've mentioned it here).   Although we hate to reward lazy/mercenary production decisions, we gotta admit, this was worth the remake!  They've even thrown in a few new tunes, as good as the old ones.  What's not to like?

Emma Watkins is ideally cast as Belle, held hostage by the Beast in his enchanted castle in lieu of her beloved father (Kevin Kline).  Of course the Beast is really Downtown's Dan Stevens underneath all those scary prosthetics - and of course Belle must see this with the heart, not with the eyes.  Helping navigate the path of True Love are the bewitched castle staff, including Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson, and the ghastly Gaston is brought to life with relish by Luke Evans.  It's a perfect confection, and we can vouch that it's already charmed a few sceptical Lexi staff, who will be in the audience for a second look.


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129 mins

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