Battle of The Sexes

“Stands on its own as a finely tuned period piece, a vibrant comedy, an effective character study and, yep, an inspirational sports movie." Chicago Sun-Times

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A past-it tennis pro, blithely self-promoting and given to statements like "I like women in the kitchen AND the bedroom," catches the media eye when he weighs in on the women's pursuit of equal prize money, asserting they weren't worth as much as the men. (At this point, in 1973, men's prize money was 8-10 times that of women's.)  Given he was about as lippy as Muhammed Ali at his best, Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) soon had the media's attention, big time.  With the women threatening to leave the pro circuit unless they were rewarded equally, Riggs proposed a titanic "Battle of the Sexes" to prove his point.  Also like Ali, his game was played as much off the court as on, and he beat the first woman he challenged, world champion Margaret Court.  Waiting in the wings, though, was feisty feminist Billie Jean King (Emma Stone), who takes on the challenge of the Court Jester.  They quipped, lobbed and laughed all the way to the Center Court - and then into sports history.

Behind the media-made match is a story of two marriages in crisis, which is nicely brought out here.  Riggs was battling a gambling addiction, and King was coming to terms with her lesbianism while the world saw a successful marriage to her manager.  The directors behind Little Miss Sunshine - Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris - make this much more than your average sports movie, conjuring a real sense of a society as well as a sport at a turning point, and the very winning performances from Stone and Carrel assure this is 'game, set and match'.


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121 mins

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