American Animals

"A riveting college-boy crime caper that speeds along on pure movie-movie adrenaline, before U-turning into a sobering reflection on young male privilege and entitlement." Variety

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Fri 14 Sep 18:20
Fri 14 Sep 20:50
Sat 15 Sep 18:00
Sun 16 Sep 17:00
Sun 16 Sep 19:40

This is the unbelievable but true story of four young men who staged one of the most audacious art heists in US history. Driven by the desire to lead lives out of the ordinary, they plot and plan the perfect robbery - starting by typing "how to plan the perfect heist" into Google.  Research is done by watching every movie ever made about a robbery, and their fantasy of illicit riches and glory becomes a roller coaster ride they don't how to get off, even as things begin to go wrong.

Director Bart Layton has created a queasily compelling doc/drama hybrid, like his excellent The Imposter of several years ago. The 'perps' themselves - now 13 years on from events - tell their story to camera, and their account is dramatised by actors (including the remarkable Barry Keoghan). Sometimes memories of the same events differ, and both versions are presented; sometimes the men reflect on their youthful hubris with poignant hindsight.  It all adds up to a bravura thrill ride which is underpinned by some serious thoughts about youth, privilege and...the movies!


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117 mins

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