Ad Astra

"It’s often thrilling, occasionally improbable, sometimes confounding, but like its director, ‘Ad Astra’ is never bound by the gravitational pull of the ordinary. Strap in." ★★★★ Time Out

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Sun 22 Sep 14:20
Sun 22 Sep 17:00
Sun 22 Sep 19:45
Mon 23 Sep 11:00
Mon 23 Sep 15:00

For some of you, all we need to say is: Brad Pitt goes to space, ★★★★★, and that will be enough!

For those who need a bit more to go on, this is a quietly epic inversion of sci fi classics like 2001 and Interstellar, which perpetuated the myth of the square-jawed, heroic astronaut.  True enough, Major Roy McBride (Pitt) is plenty heroic as he sails off into the limbo of outer space, tasked with finding the source of the radioactive energy surges paralysing Earth.  There's a suspicion back at command centre that the attacks might be connected to Roy's father (Tommy Lee Jones), a legendary scientist who disappeared 10 years previously while on an experiment to harness energy in space.  Beyond the sort of space spectacle which we've come to expect - lethal asteroid showers, thrilling moon buggy chases, and plenty of lasers - Ad Astra is a profound and touching look at father/son relations, letting go and moving on.

This is writer/director James Gray's (The Lost City of Z) date with Conrad's Heart of Darkness (or, latterly, Apocalypse Now), a mystical inner quest story in the guise of sci fi.  The film looks extraordinary - captured by Interstellar cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema with lunar greys and Martian ochres - Max Richter's lovely, understated score fills the voids nicely, and Brad Pitt is deservedly a Star in this empyrean space odyssey.  Enjoy!

The 18:10 screening on Sun 29 Sep is our Greene Sunday screening.  That's great film for the great price of only £2.50, thanks to local estate agents Greene & Co.  A limited number of these tickets are available through normal Lexi channels, with more available direct from the Kensal Rise office of Greene & Co.

With this film we're announcing a shiny new social group, Cinemates, open to all who are free on the first Thursday afternoon of the month. The films will be from our current programme, with an invitation to linger afterwards for some conversation. Tickets are £5, £3 to members. We kick off with Ad Astra at 15:00 on 3 Oct, perhaps with discussion along the lines of, is it Apocalypse Now in space? Or even, will Brad Pitt solve his daddy issues? Come help decide! This could be the start of a beautiful friendship....


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123 mins

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