Express your inner Sith Lord


Do you think you might fill Darth Vader's tall boots?  We're looking for imposing volunteers, over 5'9" in height (our suit is extra large), to inspire shock and awe into our audiences over the opening weekend (Fri 16 Dec - Sun 18 Dec) of Rogue Star:  a Star Wars Story.  Ideally, you'll carry yourself with an air of Imperial menace, but still be up for selfies and having your picture on our Vader Wall of Fame. 

Vader shifts are 30 minutes before the start of the film, during which time you will be asked to lour and glower around the cinema - and possibly even avail of the voice changing device in the helmet. No fitting will be necessary.  Dress should be dark, but light, (you know what they say – ‘cold heart, hot, erm, costume…’) and black shoes/trainers/cyber platform boots (image right), are suggested. 

If you'd like to volunteer - or to volunteer your unsuspecting beloved - email our very own Grand Moff Zoe - - with a contact phone number.  

And may the Force be with us all!

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