Whether you’re catching a film or just looking for a different kind of space to catch up with friends, the Gallery Bar is the perfect place to make an evening of it.  Serving an all-star cast of beverages, from wine and whisky to craft ales and micro-distilled spirits, it shouldn’t be a major production finding the perfect drink to match your mood. 

Take a look at our bar menu here.  We’ve got Notting Hill ales, brewed within bottle-top flicking distance at the Moncada Brewery and our house gin and vodka are by Sacred Spirits, a speed pour away in Highgate.  Our house favourite is Sacred’s Rosehip Liquor poured over ice with a slice and topped up with bubbles - a perfect pose with a glitzy spritzer.

We serve freshly dripped coffee (the ‘serious gourmet’ stuff), expertly hand roasted by a super small trader in Cricklewood, and a range of Fairtrade teas.  All hot drinks are available with optional rum.

We are one of the original stockists of Joe & Seph's excellent range of gourmet popcorn.  Although Double Salted Caramel is an abiding favourite with Lexi customers we stock a rotating, seasonal range of flavours, including savoury choices.  If Marie Antoinette lived today we are sure she'd say:  "Let them eat Joe & Seph's!"

Power sockets are plentiful and hot-desking and use of our free wi-fi, with a quenching drink, is welcomed.  And for those moments where you look up thoughtfully from your laptop searching for the right turn of phrase, you’re gaze will likely be met with our latest exhibition lining the walls around you.  

The maraschino cherry on top is that having a good time with us comes with the knowledge that 100% of the profits are going to support our charity.  Everything - from your ticket to a tall gin and tonic - contributes to the profit we are able to donate.  With this in mind, we ask you to please not bring food or drink with you but to purchase instead from our carefully chosen range of refreshment.  



Wallis Eates, Wings and Oranges, Tue 7 Jan - Mon 17 Feb

Group Exhibition:  Idols to Icons: An art exploration through the love of cinema, Tue 18 Feb - Mon 30 Mar

Tania Freimuth: Homage to Dutch still lives, photography, Tue 31 Mar - Mon 11 May

If you're interested in exhibiting in our gallery bar space, please see here for guidelines and information. 



Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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