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Kids’ Club

Kiley from Fantastic Mr Fox

Alert Saturday morning parent

Every Saturday morning Rosie brings out her secret stash of pipe cleaners, glitter, glue, paper plates and other inedibles, in preparation for our Saturday Morning Kids’ Club.

Brilliantly inventive craft activities themed to that day’s film, so the 5-11 year olds can exercise the creative half of their brain, while the adults wake up theirs with a cup of strong Colombian (or a bucks fizz or a bloody mary – or whatever it takes).

Now at an earlier time – 10:30 – because we know that you will have been up since the crack of dawn already!

Tarzan 2D

Kids Club, £5

The latest in the more than 80 screen adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ timeless tale of a boy raised by apes benefits hugely from the hand of celebrated German animator Reinhard Klooss (Animals United). Updated with a backstory of eco-disaster and the death of his parents in a helicopter crash, the young John Greystoke’s early years are fast-forwarded to his first meeting with feisty ecologist Jane Porter (Locke). She has been duped by the sinister CEO of Greystoke Corp into exploiting a mysterious energy source deep in his jungle home.


Kids Club, £5

Tim Minchin’s marvellous musical of Matilda is a perfect reason to revisit Danny de Vito’s sparkling film version.

Mara Wilson stars as the bookish girl whose dreams are thwarted by her selfish parents (DeVito and real life wife Rhea Pearlman) until she is sent to Crunchem Hall school, where she discovers a talent for magic. Starring Pam Ferris as the terrifying Miss Trunchbull, this is a deliciously dark adaptation that author Roald Dahl would have loved.


Kids Club, £5

Quite possibly the most endearing Children’s Film Foundation entry, this low-budget award-winning charmer sees an alien left behind on a very 1970s Planet Earth, with only two young boys for company. While this alien comes in the very pocketable form of a little silver ball, it will eat through anything — which is why local thief Filthy wants to get his grubby hands on it!  Cynics have suggested this may have inspired Scorcese’s ET!