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There’s all sorts going on at The Lexi.

Explore the menu bar on the left hand side. A few titbits below here also, for your consideration…

NT Live: Medea

“Helen McCrory excels in this modern-dress take on Euripides that is alive with complexity and psychological astuteness.” ****Michael Billington, Guardian

Helen McCrory (The Last of the Haussmans) takes the title role in Euripides’ powerful tragedy, in a new version by Ben Power, directed by Carrie Cracknell, and with music by Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp.

Medea is a wife and a mother. For the sake of her husband, Jason, she’s left her home and borne two sons in exile. But when he abandons his family for a new life, Medea faces banishment and separation from her children. Cornered, she begs for one day’s grace.

It’s time enough. She exacts an appalling revenge and destroys everything she holds dear.





Stanley Kubrick – “the rhythm of genius”

We reopen the Lexi with a rare showcasing of the work of this most enigmatic, and occasionally tyrannical, film maker. No detail was too small, no close up too large…  What survives is an exceptional body of work, and we are delighted to offer this mini season at a mini ticket price – £2.50.   We reopen our doors on Fri 29 Aug with THE SHINING; Sat 30 Aug is A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, with our own Milkbar; and we wrap with EYES WIDE SHUT on Sun 31 Aug.

Eyes Wide Shut

“The batsqueak of hysteria and absurdity is essential to this fable of erotic paranoia and erotic discontent within the bourgeois marriage.” Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

Kubrick died shortly after finishing this mesmerising odyssey which is part thriller, part exploration of the boundaries of fidelity.  Incensed by his wife’s (Nicole Kidman) fleeting lust for another man, William Harford (Tom Cruise) bolts the family home and embarks on a 48 hour erotic journey.   Mythic, surreal and vaguely comic, this journey takes the form of a number of heightened encounters in which everyone he meets entices him sexually while he holds himself aloof.   Kubrick delights in confusing and bemusing the viewer throughout, only reconciling the various vignettes at the very end.

Enjoy the film for its titillating perversity, or read more from ever-excellent Peter Bradshaw here for the in-depth back story…

Monty Python Live (mostly)

An ‘Encore’ of the last from the Pythons, recorded live on the final night at the O2 arena, with a host of tributes before the show, compered by stand-up Dara Ó Briain,  Say no more!

The Telegraph said of the live broadcast:  ”Such uncomplicated jollity was in contrast to the actual show, which was at moments deeply poignant. Comedy functions best pushing hard against sentimentality yet it was impossible not to experience a tingle of sadness knowing Python would never again tread the boards together (there was also the fact they are all in their 70s and visibly weighed down by the decades).  Surprises were at a minimum and the big reveals were in the form of cameos: Eddie Izzard as an auxiliary Australian philosopher, Mike ‘Austin Powers’ Myers (cringefully earnest) popping up on a fake quiz segment, astrophysicists Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking in a funny pre-recorded piece.”  Nudge nudge wink wink!

All together now:  Always look on the bright side of life!


Kids Club, £5

Quite possibly the most endearing Children’s Film Foundation entry, this low-budget award-winning charmer sees an alien left behind on a very 1970s Planet Earth, with only two young boys for company. While this alien comes in the very pocketable form of a little silver ball, it will eat through anything — which is why local thief Filthy wants to get his grubby hands on it!  Cynics have suggested this may have inspired Scorcese’s ET!


Charity fundraiser: Legends of the Knight

Fundraiser screening + Q&A, tickets £12

Legends of the Knight weaves together the uplifting true stories of individuals who were inspired to overcome some huge personal obstacles by their childhood love of Batman. Through the deeply personal tales of Batman fans, writers, and filmmakers, this feature-length documentary explores the power of heroic stories and encourages viewers to find their own unique path to heroism. Put on your capes, and be inspired!

This lovely documentary was brought to us as a fundraiser for two charities:  Action Duchenne and Refuge.  Batman authority Dr Will Brooker, who is in the film, will join us to do a Q&A. He is the author of two volumes on Batman, Batman Unmasked and Hunting The Dark Knight, and will be available for book signing.  And we will hear from Dr Paul Harrison about the challenges – and triumphs – of muscular dystrophy sufferers, who are among those featured in the film.


The Shining

Kubrick Fest, tickets £2.50

“A masterpiece” Time Out

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…”  No danger of that as Kubrick puts his very own stamp on the Stephen King-sourced story of a descent into madness.  With wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and psychic son Danny (Danny Lloyd) in tow, frustrated writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) takes a job as the winter caretaker at the opulently ominous, mountain-locked Overlook Hotel so that he can write in peace…

Kubrick sets the scene for the horror to come with meticulous care, while Nicholson gives free rein to an OTT performance which was to haunt him professionally for a good many years after.  Strange, creepy and deeply disturbing – we love it!


Martini Night: Casablanca

Join us in our very own Gin Joint for complimentary martinis as part of our bar launch celebrations.  The martinis are shaken not stirred courtesy of local distller, Sacred.

“Whether you return to Casablanca for a nostalgia fix, a guilty pleasure or for the waters, you can be certain there’ll be something you didn’t notice last time out.” (Total Film)  We return, again and again, without apology!  Quintessential film making:  romance, intrigue, honour and betrayal; luscious b&w photography; a memorable tune or two (thanks, Dooley Wilson!); plus Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart.   And then there are those super elegant gowns…

Here’s looking at you, kid!


A Clockwork Orange

Part of our Kubrick tribute, tickets are £2.50.

Based on Anthony Burgess’s cult novel, this disturbing dystopian tale was brought vividly to the screen by Kubrick. Released in late 1971 (within weeks of Sam Peckinpah’s brutally violent Straw Dogs), A Clockwork Orange sparked considerable controversy, with its X-rated violence; after copycat crimes in England, Kubrick withdrew the film from UK distribution until after his death.

Opinion was divided on the meaning of Kubrick’s detached view of this shocking future, but, whether the discord drew the curious or Kubrick’s scathing diagnosis spoke to the chaotic cultural moment,  A Clockwork Orange became a hit. On the heels of New York Film Critics Circle awards as Best Film, Best Director, and Best Screenplay, Kubrick received Oscar nominations in all three categories.

Official Bar Launch: The Big Lebowski

Maude Lebowski: What do you do for recreation?

The Dude: Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around.  Take it easy at the Lexi bar.  The occasional acid flashback.

For the official launch of our new bar it could only be our perennial favourite, The Big Lebowski! On release in 1998 it was received with some critical disappointment – the Coen brothers’ previous film had been Oscar winner Fargo, after all – but this loopy shaggy dog story of mistaken identity and a stolen rug has proved the most enduring of all the brothers’ films.

Usual Lexi dress code applies:  dressing gowns and bowling shirts welcome.  We will be sampling White Russians while nibbling on canapes from The Island, and we are currently auditioning rugs – to tie the new bar together, of course.   In the best spirit of The Dude, keep your minds loose and your cocktail glasses topped up. Celebrate with us:  the Lexi abides!