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To The Wonder


Peter Bradshaw says in The Guardian:

“Love or something like it, and the absence of God, are the central themes in this trance-like filmic journey that only Terrence Malick could have made.   4*s”

“It used to be that Terrence Malick moved at merely geological speed from one project to the next. But just two years after the last film, his colossal, and colossally divisive The Tree of Life, Malick has given us a new one. It’s a fascinating, flawed and vivid piece of work, in some ways a coda or companion piece to his previous. There is the same rapture, the same eerily beautiful cinematography from Emmanuel Lubezki – at once driftingly impressionistic and pin-sharp – the same unapologetic concern with spiritual crisis and the same unfashionable Christian theme.”

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