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Side by Side – plus panel discussion


“The issue is that it is different.  How do you use it, and how do you use it to tell a story?  That is up to the director.” Martin Scorsese

Dog or Cat?  Sweet or savoury? Film or Digital?  For most movie fans, the rise of digital and decline of celluloid is just a consequence of progress. For Keanu Reeves, though, it’s a mixed blessing, although as The Matrix’s Neo, his extraordinary exploits depended entirely on digital fixes. Here, producer/presenter Reeves interviews various venerable directors and photographers – including Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Steven Soderbergh, David Lynch and David Fincher – on the merits or otherwise of digital. Most of the interviewees have gleefully abandoned film stock; only Christopher Nolan, whose deeply textured Dark Knight series clearly benefited from being shot on celluloid, champions the ‘old technology’ with any passion. But although Side by Side is actually very one-sided, it provides fascinating insights into the creative methodology of many of today’s top directors, and Reeves is an engaging, knowledgeable MC.

Joining our panel of film and digital practitioners afterwards is local documentary film maker and cameraman Martin Rosenbaum.  Martin’s new film – The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology with Slavoj Zizek – will be coming to the Lexi in April.