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Seven Psychopaths


“Martin McDonagh’s follow-up to In Bruges is another wise-cracking, profane comedy, propelled by an endlessly inventive script and bursting with unrestrained characters. Marty (Colin Farrell), a screenwriter with an unquenchable thirst for booze, inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles underworld when his dubious best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) kidnaps local gang boss Charlie’s (Woody Harrelson) beloved shih tzu. Meanwhile, Billy has taken it upon himself to ‘help’ with research for Marty’s latest script, oblivious to the fact that Marty and Hans (Christopher Walken), the leader of the pooch-thieving racket, are now in great danger. As things become seriously derailed (and this hilarious ride is not for the squeamish) each man’s weakness is revealed – Billy’s manic need to prove himself, Marty’s immense fear of failure, Hans’ futile loyalty; even the brutal Charlie is rendered a quivering wreck at the loss of his dog.

There are many things to relish about this film – its stellar cast, its audacious and tangible love of storytelling and the fact that you can take it straight-up as a comedy, or you can let its sharp thinking linger. The punchline here is that Seven Psychopaths is a knock-out critique of the psychotic art of keeping your male on.” – Clare Stewart, BFI

Winner of this year’s Lexi Award for Best Fun