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The Lexi Awards winners

Thank you to all who voted for The Lexi Awards; we’ve turned the programming of the cinema for the week of 1st of March over to you!   To book individual films, click on the titles below.  The winners are:

ARGO, tied for Best Picture, showing 26/7 Feb & 4, 7 Mar

ZERO DARK THIRTY, tied for Best Picture, showing 1,7 Mar

THE SESSIONS, Helen Hunt for Best Actor (Female), showing 1 Mar

THE IMPOSSIBLE, Hon Mention for Naomi Watts, Best Actor (Female), showing 2,4 Mar

LINCOLN, Daniel Day Lewis for Best Actor (Male), showing 3,5,6 Mar

MARLEY, Best Documentary, showing 4 Mar

RUST AND BONE, Best Foreign Language Film, showing 3 Mar

SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, Best Fun!, showing 4 Mar