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The Kid with a Bike


From 30 Mar

“The Dardenne brothers’ heartfelt, bold film revisits their classic themes of parenthood, trust and love”  Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

The Kid With a BikeThe Dardenne brothers (L’Enfant, The Silence of Lorna) return with this Cannes Film Festival favourite about an abandoned young boy who is taken under the compassionate wing of a local hairdresser. Eleven-year-old Cyril (brilliant newcomer Thomas Doret) is a quiet child, left to fend for himself in a state-run children’s home after his father skips town. Fate aligns his cheerless path with Samantha (Cécile De France, Hereafter), who in a random act of kindness agrees to look after Cyril on weekends and finds herself assisting Cyril in his search for his errant parent – a quest she knows will only disappoint the vulnerable young boy.

Geoff Andrew, writing for Time Out, says:

“The marvellously nimble, fleet pace perfectly suits the adolescent, often desperate energy of Cyril’s search for stability, while…the narrative embraces both naturalism and something more mythic, even Biblical; this, after all, is a tale of crime and punishment, longing and disappointment, love, hatred and forgiveness. But in the end it’s probably best to forget such contextual stuff, as the film is primarily about people. See the sheer fear on Renier’s face as his character confesses that he just can’t cope any longer with looking after his own son. At this point, about half an hour into the story, the power, subtlety, enduring relevance and absolute truthfulness of the Dardennes’ latest immediately become brilliantly clear.”

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